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StatusThe application has been refused
Status updated on  18.07.2003
Database last updated on 24.04.2019
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Applicant(s)For all designated states
Parah S.P.A.
C.so Leonardo Da Vinci 50
21013 Gallarate (VA) / IT
Inventor(s)01 / Piazzalunga, Giorgia
Via Santa Maria del Cervo 23
Cassano Magnago (VA) / IT
Representative(s)Gandini, Claudio
Via Durini 23
20122 Milano / IT
Application number, filing date00200747.403.03.2000
Filing languageIT
Procedural languageEN
PublicationType: A2 Application without search report 
Type: A3 Search report 
Search report(s)(Supplementary) European search report - dispatched on:EP22.08.2000
Designated contracting statesAT,   BE,   CH,   CY,   DE,   DK,   ES,   FI,   FR,   GB,   GR,   IE,   IT,   LI,   LU,   MC,   NL,   PT,   SE [2000/39]
Extension statesAL14.07.2000
TitleGerman:Büstenhalter Kissen[2000/39]
English:Bra padding[2000/39]
French:Coussinet pour soutien gorge[2000/39]
Examination procedure20.06.2000Request for accelerated examination filed
14.07.2000Examination requested  [2000/39]
06.10.2000Despatch of a communication from the examining division (Time limit: M04)
06.10.2000Decision about request for accelerated examination - accepted: Yes
13.12.2000Reply to a communication from the examining division
10.07.2001Date of oral proceedings
16.08.2001Despatch of communication that the application is refused, reason: substantive examination [2003/36]
16.08.2001Minutes of oral proceedings despatched
26.08.2001Application refused, date of legal effect [2003/36]
Appeal following examination24.10.2001Appeal received No.  T0122/02
24.10.2001Statement of grounds filed
23.06.2003Result of appeal procedure: appeal of the applicant inadmissible
Fees paidRenewal fee
29.05.2002Renewal fee patent year 03
15.05.2003Renewal fee patent year 04
Penalty fee
Additional fee for renewal fee
31.03.200203   M06   Fee paid on   29.05.2002
31.03.200304   M06   Fee paid on   15.05.2003
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