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EP1074945 - Method and apparatus for controlling compressed Z information in a video graphics system [Right-click to bookmark this link]
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ATI International SRL
Beaumont House Hastings
Christ Church / BB
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Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 / US
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Lloyd Wise, Tregear & Co., Commonwealth House, 1-19 New Oxford Street
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Application number, filing date00306650.304.08.2000
Priority number, dateUS1999036973006.08.1999         Original published format: US 369730
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Procedural languageEN
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TitleGerman:Verfahren und Gerät zur Steuerung von komprimierter Z-Information in einem Videographiksystem[2001/06]
English:Method and apparatus for controlling compressed Z information in a video graphics system[2001/06]
French:Méthode et appareil pour commander l'information Z comprimée dans un système graphique video[2001/06]
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