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Extract from the Register of European Patents

EP About this file: EP1371436

EP1371436 - Drill chuck [Right-click to bookmark this link]
StatusNo opposition filed within time limit
Status updated on  23.07.2010
Database last updated on 23.04.2024
Most recent event   Tooltip23.07.2010No opposition filed within time limitpublished on 25.08.2010  [2010/34]
Applicant(s)For all designated states
Röhm GmbH
Heinrich-Röhm-Strasse 50
89567 Sontheim / DE
Former [2007/45]For all designated states
Evonik Röhm GmbH
64293 Darmstadt / DE
Former [2003/51]For all designated states
Röhm GmbH
Heinrich-Röhm-Strasse 50
89567 Sontheim / DE
Inventor(s)01 / Röhm, Günter Horst
Heinrich-Röhm-Strasse 50
89567 Sontheim / DE
Representative(s)Hentrich, Swen
Hentrich Patentanwälte PartG mbB
Syrlinstrasse 35
89073 Ulm / DE
Former [2007/24]Hentrich, Swen
Patentanwalt Syrlinstrasse 35
89073 Ulm / DE
Former [2003/51]Hentrich, Swen Dipl.-Phys. Dr., et al
Postfach 17 67
89007 Ulm / DE
Application number, filing date03011793.124.05.2003
Priority number, dateDE200212616512.06.2002         Original published format: DE 10226165
Filing languageDE
Procedural languageDE
PublicationType: A1 Application with search report 
Type: B1 Patent specification 
Search report(s)(Supplementary) European search report - dispatched on:EP29.08.2003
B23B31/1238 (EP,US); B23B2231/38 (EP,US); B23B2260/114 (EP,US);
B23B2260/136 (EP,US); Y10T279/17632 (EP,US); Y10T279/3493 (EP,US)
Designated contracting statesCZ,   DE,   ES,   FR,   GB [2004/37]
Former [2003/51]AT,  BE,  BG,  CH,  CY,  CZ,  DE,  DK,  EE,  ES,  FI,  FR,  GB,  GR,  HU,  IE,  IT,  LI,  LU,  MC,  NL,  PT,  RO,  SE,  SI,  SK,  TR 
English:Drill chuck[2003/51]
French:Mandrin de perceuse[2003/51]
Examination procedure24.09.2003Examination requested  [2003/51]
18.06.2004Loss of particular rights, legal effect: designated state(s)
06.10.2004Despatch of communication of loss of particular rights: designated state(s) AT, BE, BG, CH, CY, DK, EE, FI, GR, HU, IE, IT, LU, MC, NL, PT, RO, SE, SI, SK, TR
04.05.2009Communication of intention to grant the patent
01.08.2009Fee for grant paid
01.08.2009Fee for publishing/printing paid
Opposition(s)17.06.2010No opposition filed within time limit [2010/34]
Fees paidRenewal fee
11.05.2005Renewal fee patent year 03
11.03.2006Renewal fee patent year 04
12.05.2007Renewal fee patent year 05
25.03.2008Renewal fee patent year 06
10.06.2009Renewal fee patent year 07
Penalty fee
Penalty fee Rule 85a EPC 1973
22.07.2004AT   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004BE   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004BG   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004CH   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004CY   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004DK   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004EE   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004FI   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004GR   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004HU   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004IE   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004IT   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004LU   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004MC   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004NL   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004PT   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004RO   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004SE   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004SI   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004SK   M01   Not yet paid
22.07.2004TR   M01   Not yet paid
Additional fee for renewal fee
31.05.200907   M06   Fee paid on   29.06.2009
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Lapses during opposition  TooltipCZ16.09.2009
Former [2010/19]ES27.12.2009
Documents cited:Search[A]US5431420  (HUFF ROBERT O [US], et al) [A] 1,7 * figure 2 *;
 [AD]EP0710518  (ROEHM GUENTER H [DE]) [AD] 1,2,5 * figure 1 *;
 [A]US5580197  (ROEHM GUENTER HORST [DE]) [A] 1,6* figures 6,7 *
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