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StatusExamination is in progress
Status updated on  06.03.2013
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Applicant(s)For all designated states
Corizon Limited
119-121 Middlesex Street London
E1 7JF / GB
Inventor(s)01 / VALTCHEV, Plamen, Ivanov
4 Nottingham House, Portland Rise
London N1 2PV / GB
Representative(s)WP Thompson
138 Fetter Lane
London EC4A 1BT / GB
Former [2011/38]Kenrick, Mark Lloyd , et al
Marks & Clerk LLP
1 New York Street
Manchester, M1 4HD / GB
Former [2008/13]Kenrick, Mark Lloyd , et al
Marks & Clerk, Sussex House, 83-85 Mosley Street
Manchester M2 3LG / GB
Application number, filing date05759370.908.07.2005
Filing languageEN
Procedural languageEN
PublicationType: A1  Application with search report
Type: A1 Application with search report 
The application has been published by WIPO in one of the EPO official languages on 18.01.2007
Search report(s)International search report - published on:EP18.01.2007
Designated contracting statesAT,   BE,   BG,   CH,   CY,   CZ,   DE,   DK,   EE,   ES,   FI,   FR,   GB,   GR,   HU,   IE,   IS,   IT,   LI,   LT,   LU,   LV,   MC,   NL,   PL,   PT,   RO,   SE,   SI,   SK,   TR [2008/13]
Entry into regional phase09.01.2008National basic fee paid 
09.01.2008Designation fee(s) paid 
09.01.2008Examination fee paid 
Examination procedure09.01.2008Amendment by applicant (claims and/or description)
09.01.2008Examination requested  [2008/13]
14.04.2008Despatch of a communication from the examining division (Time limit: M06)
11.02.2009Reply to a communication from the examining division
17.08.2010Despatch of a communication from the examining division (Time limit: M06)
05.04.2011Despatch of communication that the application is deemed to be withdrawn, reason: reply to the communication from the examining division not received in time
07.04.2011Reply to a communication from the examining division
16.10.2012Despatch of a communication from the examining division (Time limit: M04)
25.02.2013Reply to a communication from the examining division
22.04.2014Date of oral proceedings
13.10.2014Minutes of oral proceedings despatched
15.10.2014Despatch of communication that the application is refused, reason: substantive examination {1}
Appeal following examination23.12.2014Appeal received No.  T0436/15
Divisional application(s)EP10011403.2  / EP2299357
EP10011404.0  / EP2299358
The date of the Examining Division's first communication in respect of the earliest application for which a communication has been issued is  14.04.2008
Request for further processing for:The application is deemed to be withdrawn due to failure to reply to the examination report
11.02.2009Request for further processing filed
11.02.2009Full payment received (date of receipt of payment)
Request granted
26.02.2009Decision despatched
Fees paidRenewal fee
15.01.2008Renewal fee patent year 03
15.12.2008Renewal fee patent year 04
13.10.2009Renewal fee patent year 05
14.07.2010Renewal fee patent year 06
12.07.2011Renewal fee patent year 07
13.07.2012Renewal fee patent year 08
10.07.2013Renewal fee patent year 09
14.07.2014Renewal fee patent year 10
10.07.2015Renewal fee patent year 11
11.07.2016Renewal fee patent year 12
12.07.2017Renewal fee patent year 13
11.07.2018Renewal fee patent year 14
15.07.2019Renewal fee patent year 15
Penalty fee
Additional fee for renewal fee
31.07.200804   M06   Fee paid on   15.12.2008
31.07.200905   M06   Fee paid on   13.10.2009
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