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WO2005115100 - ROTOR AND EXCITER RING [Right-click to bookmark this link]
StatusThe application is deemed to be withdrawn
Status updated on  06.10.2017
Database last updated on 21.08.2019
FormerThe international publication has been made
Status updated on  30.11.2016
Most recent event   Tooltip06.10.2017Application deemed to be withdrawnpublished on 08.11.2017  [2017/45]
Applicant(s)For all designated states
Performance Friction Corporation
83 Carbon Metallic Highway
Clover, SC 29710 / US
Inventor(s)01 / YUHAS, David M.
14563 Heatherton Drive
Granger, IN 46530 / US
Representative(s)Kador & Partner PartG mbB
Corneliusstraße 15
80469 München / DE
Application number, filing date05858797.302.05.2005
Priority number, dateUS2004070969524.05.2004         Original published format: US 709695
Filing languageEN
Procedural languageEN
PublicationType: A2  Application without search report
The application has been published by WIPO in one of the EPO official languages on 08.12.2005
Designated contracting statesDE,   FR,   GB,   IT 
Entry into regional phase27.12.2006National basic fee paid 
Examination proceduredeletedDeletion: Application deemed to be withdrawn, date of legal effect  [2015/10]
04.12.2007Application deemed to be withdrawn, date of legal effect  [2015/10]
deletedDeletion: Application withdrawn by applicant  [2017/45]
11.12.2008Despatch of communication that the application is deemed to be withdrawn, reason: filing fee / search fee not paid in time  [2017/45]
22.01.2009Application deemed to be withdrawn, date of legal effect  [2017/45]
Appeal following examination17.10.2016Appeal received No.  J0019/16
16.12.2016Statement of grounds filed
03.08.2017Date of oral proceedings
10.08.2017Minutes of oral proceedings despatched
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