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EP1772803 - Method and system for performing distributed server change operations in a transaction-safe manner [Right-click to bookmark this link]
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Bladelogic, Inc.
100 Crosby Drive
Bedford, MA 01730 / US
Inventor(s)01 / Kraus, Thomas Martin
7 Westview Road
Natick MA 01760 / US
02 / Manwani, Vijay G.
104 Parker Road
Needham MA 02494 / US
03 / Muddana, Sekhar
46 Trepanier Street
South Attleboro MA 02703 / US
04 / Srinivasa, Balaji
264 Grove Street
Newton MA 02466 / US
05 / Reddy, Ravi
11 Seaver Farm Lane
S. Grafton MA 01560 / US
Representative(s)Zahn, Matthias , et al
Peter Bittner und Partner
Herrenwiesenweg 2
69207 Sandhausen / DE
Former [2013/45]de Zeeuw, Johan Diederick , et al
Murgitroyd & Company
Scotland House
165-169 Scotland Street
Glasgow G5 8PL / GB
Former [2008/36]Peter, Kenneth William , et al
Murgitroyd & Company 165-169 Scotland Street
Glasgow G5 8PL / GB
Former [2008/31]Ede, Eric , et al
Murgitroyd & Company 165-169 Scotland Street
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Former [2007/15]McKechnie, Neil Henry , et al
Kennedys Patent Agency Limited 185 St Vincent Street
Glasgow G2 5QD / GB
Application number, filing date06026527.905.06.2003
Priority number, dateUS20020388112P12.06.2002         Original published format: US 388112 P
US20030453308P10.03.2003         Original published format: US 453308 P
US2003041495916.04.2003         Original published format: US 414959
US2003041495816.04.2003         Original published format: US 414958
US2003041488716.04.2003         Original published format: US 414887
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Procedural languageEN
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TitleGerman:Verfahren und System zum Durchführen von verteilten Server-Änderungs-Operationen in einer transaktionssicheren Weise[2007/15]
English:Method and system for performing distributed server change operations in a transaction-safe manner[2007/15]
French:Méthode et système pour conduire des opérations distribuées de changement serveur d'une manière transactionnellement sûre[2007/15]
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