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Cancer Care Ontario
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McGill University
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499 St. Clements Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5N 1M3 / CA
02 / Gallinger, Steven
11 Chiltern Hill Road
Toronto, Ontario M6C 3B4 / CA
03 / Greenwood, Celia
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04 / Hudson, Thomas J.
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05 / Zanke, Brent W.
388 Mariposa Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1M 0S9 / CA
06 / Phillips, Michael
108 Mayfair Street
Hudson, Québec J0P 1H0 / CA
07 / Sundararajan, Saravanan
3553, Dorion
Montréal, Québec H2K 4B7 / CA
08 / Montpetit, Alexandre
8383 de Gaspe
Montréal, Québec H2P 2K2 / CA
09 / Laflamme, Philippe
8343 Clark
Montreal, Québec H2P 2N6 / CA
10 / Ferretti, Vincent
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Mont-Royal, Québec H3P 1Z7 / CA
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TitleGerman:Feststellung des Risikos für Kolorektalkrebs[2010/40]
English:Assessment of risk for colorectal cancer[2010/40]
French:Evaluation du risque dans le cancer colorectal[2010/40]
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