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Misleading Register Alert event notification on 15.04.19

Following a clean-up exercise of event information regarding (previously) revoked patents, that were later reinstated, some existing revocation events ("Despatch of communication that patent is revoked") were duplicated on 15.04.2019.


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Deep link introduced in Malta Register

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Extract from the Register of European Patents

Citations: EP2756729

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Type:Patent literature
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Type:Patent literature
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Type:Non-patent literature
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Type:Patent literature
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Type:Non-patent literature
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Type:Non-patent literature
Publication information:[A]  - "Generation Partners Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) and Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN);Overall description; Stage 2 (Release 10)", 3GPP TS 36.300 V10.4.0, (201106), XP055148335
Type:Non-patent literature
Publication information:[A]  - "Handover Failure and RRC re-establishment", 3GPP TSG RAN WG2 MEETING #61 R2-080741, SORRENTO, ITALY, (20080211), XP050138568
Type:Non-patent literature
Publication information:[A]  - SAMSUNG, "Using Restricted Preamble Set for RACH in High Mobility Environments", 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 MEETING #49 R1-072234, KOBE, JAPAN, (20070507), XP050105967
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Type:Patent literature
Publication No.:EP1973366