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Pctfiler Holdings Pty Ltd
GPO Box 4726
Sydney, NSW 2001 / AU
Inventor(s)01 / Simpson, Justin
Suite 307
24 Karrabee Avenue
Huntleys Cove
Sydney, New South Wales 2111 / AU
Representative(s)Korenberg, Alexander Tal , et al
Kilburn & Strode LLP
20 Red Lion Street
London WC1R 4PJ / GB
Application number, filing date12170461.302.05.2006
Priority number, dateAU2005090220003.05.2005         Original published format: AU 2005902200
Previously filed application, dateWO2006AU0058202.05.2006
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ClassificationInternational:G06Q10/10, G06Q30/02
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TitleGerman:Computersystem zum Verteilen einer Validierungsanweisungsnachricht[2013/39]
English:Computer system for distributing a validation instruction message[2013/39]
French:Système informatique pour la distribution d'un message d'instruction de validation[2013/39]
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Documents cited:Search[L]  EPO, "Mitteilung des Europäischen Patentamts vom 1. Oktober 2007 über Geschäftsmethoden = Notice from the European Patent Office dated 1 October 2007 concerning business methods = Communiqué de l'Office européen des brevets,en date du 1er octobre 2007, concernant les méthodes dans le domaine des activités", JOURNAL OFFICIEL DE L'OFFICE EUROPEEN DES BREVETS.OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN PATENT OFFICE.AMTSBLATTT DES EUROPAEISCHEN PATENTAMTS, OEB, MUNCHEN, DE, (20071101), vol. 30, no. 11, ISSN 0170-9291, pages 592 - 593, XP007905525 [L] 1-19 * The claimed subject-matter, with due regard to the description and drawings in accordance with Article 92 EPC, relates to processes comprised in the list of subject-matter and activities excluded from patentability under Article 52(2) and (3) EPC. The information technology employed as an enabler for carrying out said processes is conventional. Its use for carrying out non-technical processes forms part of common general knowledge and it was widely available to everyone at the date of filing of the present application. No documentary evidence is therefore considered necessary. *