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Former [2015/12]A tunable laser, a method for making, and a method for operating such a laser
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Applicant(s)For all designated states
Alpes Lasers S.A.
Avenue des Pâquiers 1
2072 St-Blaise / CH
Former [2015/12]For all designated states
Alpes Lasers S.A.
Passage Maximilien-de-Meuron 1-3
2000 Neuchâtel / CH
Inventor(s)01 / Bismuto, Alfredo
Rue des Fahys 73
2000 Neuchatel / CH
02 / Wolf, Johanna
Lorenstrasse 74
8053 Zürich / CH
03 / Müller, Antoine
Rue Champréveyres 2
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04 / Faist, Jérôme
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8052 Zürich / CH
Representative(s)Barth, Carl Otto
ABACUS Patentanwälte Klocke Späth Barth Zürichstrasse 34
8134 Adliswil/Zürich / CH
Application number, filing date13405109.313.09.2013
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Former International [2015/12]H01S5/024, H01S5/06, H01S5/227, H01S5/062, // H01S5/042, H01S5/0625, H01S5/22, H01S5/32, H01S5/40
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TitleGerman:Abstimmbarer Laser[2019/31]
English:A Tunable Laser[2019/31]
French:Laser accordable[2019/31]
Former [2015/12]Abstimmbarer Laser, Verfahren zur Herstellung und Verfahren zum Betrieb solch eines Lasers
Former [2015/12]A tunable laser, a method for making, and a method for operating such a laser
Former [2015/12]Laser accordable, procédé de fabrication et procédé pour faire fonctionner un tel laser
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by applicantUS7944959