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Former [2014/44]Ergonomic remote control
StatusThe application is deemed to be withdrawn
Status updated on  01.12.2017
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Status updated on  09.02.2017
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Bigben Interactive SA
Rue de la Voyette C.R.T. 2
59818 Lesquin / FR
Inventor(s)01 / Allaert, Yannick
4 Bis Chemin du Halage
62410 Meurchin / FR
02 / Falc, Alain
Smokkelpotstraat (KOR) 73
8500 Kortrijk / BE
Representative(s)Vigand, Philippe , et al
Novagraaf International SA
Chemin de l'Echo 3
1213 Onex - Genève / CH
Former [2014/44]Vigand, Philippe , et al
Novagraaf International SA
3 chemin de l'Echo
1213 Onex Geneva / CH
Application number, filing date14160400.918.03.2014
Priority number, dateFR2013000064920.03.2013         Original published format: FR 1300649
Filing languageFR
Procedural languageFR
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Type: A3 Search report 
Search report(s)(Supplementary) European search report - dispatched on:EP04.03.2015
ClassificationInternational:G08C17/02, H01H9/00, H01H9/02
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Former [2014/44]AL,  AT,  BE,  BG,  CH,  CY,  CZ,  DE,  DK,  EE,  ES,  FI,  FR,  GB,  GR,  HR,  HU,  IE,  IS,  IT,  LI,  LT,  LU,  LV,  MC,  MK,  MT,  NL,  NO,  PL,  PT,  RO,  RS,  SE,  SI,  SK,  SM,  TR 
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Former [2014/44]Ergonomische Fernsteuerung
Former [2014/44]Ergonomic remote control
Former [2014/44]Télécommande ergonomique
Examination procedure28.09.2015Amendment by applicant (claims and/or description)
28.09.2015Examination requested  [2015/45]
10.02.2017Communication of intention to grant the patent
21.06.2017Application deemed to be withdrawn, date of legal effect  [2018/01]
17.08.2017Despatch of communication that the application is deemed to be withdrawn, reason: fee for grant / fee for printing not paid in time  [2018/01]
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