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EP2810677 - Ergonomic and adjustable respiratory mask assembly with cushion [Right-click to bookmark this link]
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Applicant(s)For all designated states
ResMed Pty Ltd
1 Elizabeth Macarthur Drive
Bella Vista, NSW 2153 / AU
Former [2014/50]For all designated states
ResMed Limited
1 Elizabeth Macarthur Drive
Bella Vista, NSW 2153 / AU
Inventor(s)01 / Moore, Rachael Elizabeth
c/o ResMed Limited
1 Elizabeth MacArthur Drive Bella Vista
New South Wales 2153 / AU
Representative(s)Vossius & Partner Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte mbB
Siebertstrasse 3
81675 München / DE
Former [2014/50]Vossius & Partner
Siebertstrasse 4
81675 München / DE
Application number, filing date14168092.623.04.2003
Priority number, dateAU2002PS0192623.04.2002         Original published format: AU PS192602
US20020377254P03.05.2002         Original published format: US 377254 P
US20020397195P22.07.2002         Original published format: US 397195 P
US20020402509P12.08.2002         Original published format: US 402509 P
US2003039068219.03.2003         Original published format: US 390682
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Procedural languageEN
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ClassificationInternational:A61M16/06, A61M16/08, A62B18/08
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TitleGerman:Ergonomische und anpassbare Atemmaskenanordnung mit Polster[2014/50]
English:Ergonomic and adjustable respiratory mask assembly with cushion[2014/50]
French:Ensemble de masque respiratoire ergonomique et réglable avec coussin[2014/50]
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by applicantUS4944310