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EP2809073 - Bit-Rate control for video coding using object-of-interest data [Right-click to bookmark this link]
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Applicant(s)For all designated states
Intel Corporation
2200 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054 / US
Inventor(s)01 / Peng, Ya-Ti
2164 Esperanca Ave
Santa Clara, CA California 95054 / US
02 / Chiu, Yi-jen
1043 Oaktree Drive
San Jose, CA California 95129 / US
03 / Jiang, Hong
1058 Penniman Drive
El Dorado Hills, CA California 95762 / US
P.O. Box 87930
2508 DH Den Haag / NL
Former [2014/49]Jansen, Cornelis Marinus , et al
Johan de Wittlaan 7
2517 JR Den Haag / NL
Application number, filing date14170365.228.05.2014
Priority number, dateUS20131390603130.05.2013         Original published format: US201313906031
Filing languageEN
Procedural languageEN
PublicationType: A1 Application with search report 
Search report(s)(Supplementary) European search report - dispatched on:EP26.09.2014
ClassificationInternational:H04N19/117, H04N19/167, H04N19/176, H04N19/124
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Former [2014/49]AL,  AT,  BE,  BG,  CH,  CY,  CZ,  DE,  DK,  EE,  ES,  FI,  FR,  GB,  GR,  HR,  HU,  IE,  IS,  IT,  LI,  LT,  LU,  LV,  MC,  MK,  MT,  NL,  NO,  PL,  PT,  RO,  RS,  SE,  SI,  SK,  SM,  TR 
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TitleGerman:Bitraten-Steuerung zur Videocodierung mit interessierenden Objektdaten[2014/49]
English:Bit-Rate control for video coding using object-of-interest data[2014/49]
French:Commande de débit binaire pour codage vidéo utilisant des données d'objet d'intérêt[2014/49]
Examination procedure03.06.2015Amendment by applicant (claims and/or description)
03.06.2015Examination requested  [2015/29]
09.05.2016Despatch of a communication from the examining division (Time limit: M06)
09.11.2016Reply to a communication from the examining division
29.01.2018Cancellation of oral proceeding that was planned for 06.02.2018
06.02.2018Date of oral proceedings (cancelled)
09.02.2018Despatch of communication that the application is refused, reason: substantive examination [2018/26]
19.02.2018Application refused, date of legal effect [2018/26]
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10.05.2016Renewal fee patent year 03
10.05.2017Renewal fee patent year 04
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