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Misleading Register Alert event notification on 15.04.19

Following a clean-up exercise of event information regarding (previously) revoked patents, that were later reinstated, some existing revocation events ("Despatch of communication that patent is revoked") were duplicated on 15.04.2019.


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Deep link introduced in Malta Register

Click here for more information on the deep linking.


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Extract from the Register of European Patents

Event history: EP2863351

Date  Description European Patent Bulletin date, issue number
25.06.2019 New entry: Date of cancellation oral proceedings
14.04.2019 New entry: Date of oral proceedings
27.07.2018 New entry: Renewal fee paid
18.09.2017 New entry: Reply to examination report
18.08.2017 New entry: Renewal fee paid
07.08.2017 Change: Despatch of examination report + time limit
24.04.2017 New entry: Despatch of examination report + time limit
14.04.2017 First examination report
20.03.2017 Change - priority published on  19.04.2017  [2017/16]
01.08.2016 New entry: Renewal fee paid
01.03.2016 New entry: Decision on request for further processing
05.02.2016 Change - designated states published on  09.03.2016  [2016/10]
05.02.2016 Change - request for examination published on  09.03.2016  [2016/10]
03.02.2016 New entry: Receipt of request for further processing
03.02.2016 New entry: Fee payment for request for further processing
02.02.2016 Amendment by applicant
29.11.2015 New entry: Application deemed to be withdrawn: despatch of communication + time limit
06.10.2015 Change - representative
21.04.2015 Publication in section I.1 EP Bulletin published on  22.04.2015  [2015/17]
20.03.2015 Request for examination filed published on  22.04.2015  [2015/17]