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EP About this file: EP2884542

EP2884542 - Integrated circuit device with power gating switch in back end of line [Right-click to bookmark this link]
StatusThe application is deemed to be withdrawn
Status updated on  12.08.2016
Database last updated on 18.05.2024
Most recent event   Tooltip12.08.2016Application deemed to be withdrawnpublished on 14.09.2016  [2016/37]
Applicant(s)For all designated states
Kapeldreef 75
3001 Leuven / BE
Inventor(s)01 / Raghavan, Praveen
IMEC VZW, Patent department
Kapeldreef 75
3001 Leuven / BE
02 / Genoe, Jan
IMEC VZW, Patent departement
Kapeldreef 75
3001 Leuven / BE
03 / Steudel, Soeren
IMEC VZW, Patent department
Kapeldreef 75
3001 Leuven / BE
Representative(s)Patent Department IMEC
IMEC vzw
Patent Department
Kapeldreef 75
3001 Leuven / BE
Former [2015/25]Clerix, André
IMEC vzw
IP Department
Kapeldreef 75
3001 Leuven / BE
Application number, filing date14191497.803.11.2014
Priority number, dateEP2013019641310.12.2013         Original published format: EP 13196413
Filing languageEN
Procedural languageEN
PublicationType: A2 Application without search report 
Type: A3 Search report 
Search report(s)(Supplementary) European search report - dispatched on:EP31.07.2015
ClassificationIPC:H01L29/786, H03K19/00, H01L23/00, H01L21/768, H01L23/525, H01L23/528, H01L23/532, H01L29/66, H01L27/12, H03K17/687
H03K17/687 (EP,US); H01L29/02 (KR); H01L29/7869 (US);
H01L23/525 (EP,US); H01L27/1218 (EP,US); H01L27/1225 (EP,US);
H01L27/124 (EP,US); H01L29/78 (KR); H01L23/5286 (EP,US);
H01L23/53238 (EP,US); H01L23/53295 (EP,US); H01L2924/0002 (EP,US) (-)
H01L2924/0002, H01L2924/00 (EP,US)
Former IPC [2015/25]H01L29/786, H03K19/00, H01L23/00, H01L21/768
Designated contracting statesAL,   AT,   BE,   BG,   CH,   CY,   CZ,   DE,   DK,   EE,   ES,   FI,   FR,   GB,   GR,   HR,   HU,   IE,   IS,   IT,   LI,   LT,   LU,   LV,   MC,   MK,   MT,   NL,   NO,   PL,   PT,   RO,   RS,   SE,   SI,   SK,   SM,   TR [2015/25]
Extension statesBANot yet paid
MENot yet paid
TitleGerman:Integrierte Schaltungsvorrichtung mit Stromtakt-Netzschalter im Back-End einer Leitung[2015/25]
English:Integrated circuit device with power gating switch in back end of line[2015/25]
French:Dispositif de circuit intégré avec un commutateur à déclenchement de puissance à l'extrémité arrière de ligne[2015/25]
Examination proceduredeletedCommunication of intention to grant the patent
03.11.2014Examination requested  [2015/25]
03.03.2016Application deemed to be withdrawn, date of legal effect  [2016/37]
11.04.2016Despatch of communication that the application is deemed to be withdrawn, reason: examination fee not paid in time  [2016/37]
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