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Date Document type Procedure Number of pages
Total number of pages: 169
12.09.2019 Application deemed to be withdrawn (non-reply to Written Opinion) Search / examination 1
12.09.2019 Claim deemed abandoned Search / examination 2
27.03.2019 Notification on forthcoming publication of bibliographic data Search / examination 1
24.01.2019 Communication concerning correction of deficiencies in written opinion/amendment of application/payment of claims fee Search / examination 3
22.01.2019 Communication to designated inventor Search / examination 1
03.01.2019 Copy of the international preliminary report on patentability Search / examination 17
17.12.2018 Request concerning the applicant/representative Search / examination 1
12.12.2018 (Electronic) Receipt Search / examination 1
12.12.2018 Request for entry into the European phase Search / examination 5
26.10.2018 Information on entry into European phase Search / examination 4
08.01.2018 Priority document (electronically transmitted) Search / examination 31
21.12.2017 Copy of the international search report Search / examination 4
21.12.2017 International publication of the A1 Pamphlet Search / examination 28
25.10.2017 Written opinion of the ISA, boxes No. I to VIII (for internal ISA use) International Searching Authority 4
25.10.2017 Written opinion of the ISA, cover sheet (for internal ISA use) International Searching Authority 1
25.10.2017 Written opinion of the ISA, supplemental box (for internal ISA use) International Searching Authority 11
05.09.2017 Partial International Search Report International Searching Authority 4
05.09.2017 Provisional opinion accompanying the partial search results International Searching Authority 10
13.07.2017 Notification of receipt of Search copy (for internal ISA use) International Searching Authority 1
23.06.2017 Abstract International Searching Authority 1
23.06.2017 Claims International Searching Authority 6
23.06.2017 Description International Searching Authority 12
23.06.2017 Drawings International Searching Authority 8
23.06.2017 Fee calculation sheet for an international application International Searching Authority 2
23.06.2017 Incoming letter related to ISA procedure International Searching Authority 1
23.06.2017 Notification Concerning Documents Transmitted (copy for ISA/EP) International Searching Authority 2
23.06.2017 Notification Concerning Payment of Prescribed Fees (copy for ISA/EP) International Searching Authority 2
23.06.2017 Notification of the International Application Number and of the International Filing Date (copy for ISA/EP) International Searching Authority 1
23.06.2017 Request form for international application (copy for ISA/EP) International Searching Authority 4