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Applicant(s)For all designated states
Le Martinet du Haut
39110 Salins Les Bains / FR
Former [1995/02]For all designated states
9, rue d'Andlau
F-67800 Hoenheim / FR
Inventor(s)01 / Cluzeau, Christian
24, rue Fischart
67000 Strasbourg / FR
Former [1995/02]01 / see applicant
Representative(s)Puiroux, Guy , et al
Cabinet Guiu & Bruder
10, rue Paul Thénard
21000 Dijon / FR
Former [1997/52]Puiroux, Guy , et al
Cabinet Claude Guiu, 10, rue Paul Thénard
21000 Dijon / FR
Former [1997/17]Littolff, Denis , et al
Meyer & Partenaires, Conseils en Propriété Industrielle, Bureaux Europe, 20, place des Halles
67000 Strasbourg / FR
Former [1995/02]Bossard, Jacques-René
Meyer & Partenaires Conseils en Propriété Industrielle Bureaux Europe 20, place des Halles
F-67000 Strasbourg / FR
Application number, filing date93440053.206.07.1993
Filing languageFR
Procedural languageFR
PublicationType: A1 Application with search report 
Type: B1 Patent specification 
Search report(s)(Supplementary) European search report - dispatched on:EP19.01.1994
ClassificationInternational:A61F7/00, F25D3/10, F17C9/02
Designated contracting statesAT,   BE,   CH,   DE,   DK,   ES,   FR,   GB,   GR,   IE,   IT,   LI,   LU,   MC,   NL,   PT,   SE [1995/02]
TitleGerman:Einrichtung für die Kryotherapie[1995/02]
English:Cryotherapy device[1995/02]
French:Appareillage de cryothérapie[1995/02]
Examination procedure02.02.1995Examination requested  [1995/13]
01.07.1997Despatch of communication of intention to grant (Approval: Yes)
07.11.1997Communication of intention to grant the patent
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22.07.1997Renewal fee patent year 05
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