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Status updated on  09.02.2001
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Applicant(s)For all designated states
Via Ceccardi 2/11
16121 Genova / IT
Former [1997/22]For all designated states
Via Ceccardi, 2
16121 Genova / IT
Inventor(s)01 / RUPNIK, Carlo
Corso Firenze, 46/10A
I-16136 Genova / IT
02 / RUPNIK, Giorgio
Via Macaggi, 19
I-16121 Genova / IT
Representative(s)Perani, Aurelio
c/o JACOBACCI & PERANI S.p.A Via Senato 8
20121 Milano / IT
Former [2000/26]Perani, Aurelio
Jacobacci & Perani, Via Senato, 8
20121 Milano / IT
Former [1997/22]Ferroni, Filippo
Jacobacci & Perani S.p.A., Via Visconti di Modrone 7
20122 Milano / IT
Application number, filing date95944009.026.07.1995
Priority number, dateIT1994MI0172608.08.1994         Original published format: IT MI941726
Filing languageEN
Procedural languageEN
PublicationType: A1  Application with search report
Type: A1 Application with search report 
The application has been published by WIPO in one of the EPO official languages on 22.02.1996
Type: B1 Patent specification 
Search report(s)International search report - published on:EP22.02.1996
Designated contracting statesDE,   FR,   GB [1997/22]
English:DIAPHRAGM VALVE[1997/22]
French:VANNE A MEMBRANE[1999/47]
Former [1997/22]ROBINET A MEMBRANE
Entry into regional phase04.02.1997National basic fee paid 
04.02.1997Designation fee(s) paid 
04.02.1997Examination fee paid 
Examination procedure19.02.1996Request for preliminary examination filed
International Preliminary Examining Authority: EP
04.02.1997Examination requested  [1997/22]
22.07.1997Despatch of a communication from the examining division (Time limit: M06)
02.02.1998Reply to a communication from the examining division
30.06.1998Despatch of a communication from the examining division (Time limit: M04)
06.11.1998Reply to a communication from the examining division
14.05.1999Despatch of communication of intention to grant (Approval: No)
14.09.1999Despatch of communication of intention to grant (Approval: later approval)
07.10.1999Communication of intention to grant the patent
24.11.1999Fee for grant paid
24.11.1999Fee for publishing/printing paid
Opposition(s)13.01.2001No opposition filed within time limit [2001/13]
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18.06.1997Renewal fee patent year 03
22.06.1998Renewal fee patent year 04
28.01.2000Renewal fee patent year 05
Penalty fee
Additional fee for renewal fee
31.07.199905   M06   Fee paid on   28.01.2000
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