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StatusOpposition procedure closed
Status updated on  06.07.2001
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Most recent event   Tooltip06.07.2001Opposition procedure terminated - date of legal effect publishedpublished on 22.08.2001 [2001/34]
Applicant(s)For all designated states
EMSA-Werke Wulf GmbH & Co.
Grevener Damm 215-225
48282 Emsdetten / DE
Inventor(s)01 / HORSTMANN, Klaus
Ginsterweg 11
D-48485 Neuenkirchen / DE
Representative(s)Grünecker Patent- und Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB
Leopoldstrasse 4
80802 München / DE
Former [1998/02]Grünecker, Kinkeldey, Stockmair & Schwanhäusser Anwaltssozietät
Maximilianstrasse 58
80538 München / DE
Application number, filing date96905873.414.03.1996
Priority number, dateDE1995204343U14.03.1995         Original published format: DE 29504343 U
Filing languageDE
Procedural languageDE
PublicationType: A1  Application with search report
Type: A1 Application with search report 
The application has been published by WIPO in one of the EPO official languages on 19.09.1996
Type: B1 Patent specification 
Search report(s)International search report - published on:EP19.09.1996
Designated contracting statesAT,   BE,   CH,   DE,   DK,   ES,   FR,   GB,   GR,   IE,   IT,   LI,   LU,   MC,   NL,   PT,   SE [1998/02]
English:FLASK FOR LIQUIDS[1998/02]
French:BROC POUR LIQUIDES[1998/02]
Entry into regional phase26.08.1997National basic fee paid 
26.08.1997Designation fee(s) paid 
26.08.1997Examination fee paid 
Examination proceduredeletedDecision about request for accelerated examination - accepted: No
14.03.1996Request for preliminary examination filed
International Preliminary Examining Authority: EP
26.08.1997Examination requested  [1998/02]
09.02.1998Despatch of a communication from the examining division (Time limit: M04)
13.02.1998Reply to a communication from the examining division
18.02.1998Despatch of a communication from the examining division (Time limit: M02)
23.03.1998Reply to a communication from the examining division
23.03.1998Request for accelerated examination filed
28.05.1998Despatch of communication of intention to grant (Approval: Yes)
25.08.1998Fee for grant paid
25.08.1998Fee for publishing/printing paid
08.09.1998Communication of intention to grant the patent
Opposition(s)Opponent(s)01  16.03.1999   
Ebert Design GmbH & Co. KG
Oststr. 23
32051 Herford / DE
Opponent's representative
Stracke, Alexander
Loesenbeck - Stracke - Specht - Dantz Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte Am Zwinger 2
33602 Bielefeld / DE
Former [1999/19]
Opponent(s)01  16.03.1999   
Ebert Design GmbH & Co. KG
Oststr. 23
32051 Herford / DE
Opponent's representative
Stracke, Alexander, Dipl.-Ing.
Jöllenbecker Strasse 164
33613 Bielefeld / DE
27.08.1999Invitation to proprietor to file observations on the notice of opposition
06.03.2000Reply of patent proprietor to notice(s) of opposition
21.03.2001Despatch of communication that the opposition procedure will be closed
31.03.2001Legal effect of closure of opposition procedure [2001/34]
Fees paidRenewal fee
31.03.1998Renewal fee patent year 03
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