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Applicant(s)For all designated states
Festo AG & Co.
Ruiter Strasse 82
73734 Esslingen / DE
Former [1999/17]For all designated states
Festo AG & Co
Ruiter Strasse 82
73734 Esslingen / DE
Inventor(s)01 / Thorwart, Gerhard
Lange Strasse 109/1
70794 Filderstadt / DE
02 / Wagner, Albrecht
Beethovenstrasse 44
73650 Winterbach / DE
Representative(s)Abel, Martin , et al
Magenbauer, Reimold, Vetter & Abel
Plochinger Strasse 109
73730 Esslingen / DE
Former [1999/17]Abel, Martin, Dipl.-Ing. , et al
Patentanwälte Dipl.-Ing. R. Magenbauer Dipl.-Phys. Dr. O. Reimold Dipl.-Phys. Dr. H. Vetter Dipl.-Ing. M. Abel Hölderlinweg 58
73728 Esslingen / DE
Application number, filing date98118039.123.09.1998
Priority number, dateDE1997219015U25.10.1997         Original published format: DE 29719015 U
Filing languageDE
Procedural languageDE
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Type: B1 Patent specification 
Search report(s)(Supplementary) European search report - dispatched on:EP09.02.1999
ClassificationInternational:F15B15/06, B25J9/14, B25J18/04
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Former [1999/17]AT,  BE,  CH,  CY,  DE,  DK,  ES,  FI,  FR,  GB,  GR,  IE,  IT,  LI,  LU,  MC,  NL,  PT,  SE 
French:Vérin à mouvements de translation et de rotation[1999/17]
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