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EP0991195 - Data converting method and apparatus therefor [Right-click to bookmark this link]
StatusThe application has been withdrawn
Status updated on  31.10.2003
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Most recent event   Tooltip31.10.2003Withdrawal of applicationpublished on 17.12.2003  [2003/51]
Applicant(s)For all designated states
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
72, Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku Kawasaki-shi
Kanagawa 212-8572 / JP
Former [2000/14]For all designated states
72, Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ku
Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 210-8520 / JP
Inventor(s)01 / Noda, Chosaku, c/o K. K. Toshiba
Intellect. Property Division, 1-1 Shibaura 1-chome
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8001 / JP
Representative(s)Henkel, Breuer & Partner
Maximiliansplatz 21
80333 München / DE
Former [2000/14]Henkel, Feiler, Hänzel
Möhlstrasse 37
81675 München / DE
Application number, filing date99117652.007.09.1999
Priority number, dateJP1998027535829.09.1998         Original published format: JP 27535898
Filing languageEN
Procedural languageEN
PublicationType: A2 Application without search report 
ClassificationInternational:H03M5/14, G11B20/14
Designated contracting statesAT,   BE,   CH,   CY,   DE,   DK,   ES,   FI,   FR,   GB,   GR,   IE,   IT,   LI,   LU,   MC,   NL,   PT,   SE [2000/14]
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LTNot yet paid
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MKNot yet paid
RONot yet paid
SINot yet paid
TitleGerman:Datenumsetzungsverfahren und -gerät[2000/14]
English:Data converting method and apparatus therefor[2000/14]
French:Méthode et appareil de conversion de données[2000/14]
Examination procedure04.10.1999Examination requested  [2000/14]
07.10.2003Application withdrawn by applicant  [2003/51]
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12.09.2001Renewal fee patent year 03
12.09.2002Renewal fee patent year 04
12.09.2003Renewal fee patent year 05