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EP0994307 - Gas-operated infrared-ray heater with folding arm [Right-click to bookmark this link]
StatusThe application is deemed to be withdrawn
Status updated on  12.12.2003
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Most recent event   Tooltip12.12.2003Application deemed to be withdrawnpublished on 28.01.2004  [2004/05]
Applicant(s)For all designated states
Walkover S.rl.
Via Borsari, 18/A, Frazione Scarzara
43100 Parma / IT
Former [2000/16]For all designated states
Walkover S.rl.
Via Sofia, 3
43100 Parma / IT
Inventor(s)01 / Mori, Gabriele
Strada Vicinale della Costa, 51
43035 Cafragna (Fornovo di Taro), Parma / IT
Representative(s)Gotra, Stefano
Largo Michele Novaro, 1/A
43121 Parma / IT
Former [2000/16]Gotra, Stefano
Bugnion S.p.A. Via Garibaldi 22
43100 Parma / IT
Application number, filing date99830543.702.09.1999
Priority number, dateIT1998PR00014U16.10.1998         Original published format: IT PR980014 U
Filing languageIT
Procedural languageEN
PublicationType: A1 Application with search report 
Search report(s)(Supplementary) European search report - dispatched on:EP18.02.2000
ClassificationInternational:F24C3/14, F24C15/30
Designated contracting statesDE,   FR,   GB,   IT [2001/01]
Former [2000/16]AT,  BE,  CH,  CY,  DE,  DK,  ES,  FI,  FR,  GB,  GR,  IE,  IT,  LI,  LU,  MC,  NL,  PT,  SE 
TitleGerman:Infrarotgasheizung mit Klapparm[2000/16]
English:Gas-operated infrared-ray heater with folding arm[2000/16]
French:Radiateur à gaz à rayons infra-rouges avec un bras pliant[2000/16]
Examination procedure04.10.2000Examination requested  [2000/48]
14.03.2003Despatch of a communication from the examining division (Time limit: M04)
25.07.2003Application deemed to be withdrawn, date of legal effect  [2004/05]
28.08.2003Despatch of communication that the application is deemed to be withdrawn, reason: reply to the communication from the examining division not received in time  [2004/05]
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26.09.2001Renewal fee patent year 03
27.09.2002Renewal fee patent year 04
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Additional fee for renewal fee
30.09.200305   M06   Not yet paid
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