All documents (file inspection)

The All documents page displays a chronological list of all publicly available documents in the file, including correspondence between the EPO and the applicant or patent attorney for European patent applications, Euro-PCT applications (that have entered the regional phase, Form 1200), and in part for PCT applications (see below).

The documents in this section typically become available one day after they were sent or coded by the EPO. The dates listed beside the documents in the All documents page are the dates of dispatch or receipt of the relevant communications.

European patent applications
The file inspection content for European patent applications includes procedural documentation from the publication of the application up to the end of the procedure, e.g. patent grant, withdrawal, opposition, etc.

Euro-PCT applications
The file inspection content for Euro-PCT applications includes procedural documentation from entry into the regional phase (Form 1200) up to the end of the procedure, e.g. patent grant, withdrawal, refusal, etc.

PCT applications
The file inspection content for PCT applications includes publicly available documentation relating to international applications under the PCT where the EPO is designated as the:

  • receiving Office (PCTRO)
  • International Searching Authority (PCTISA)
  • Supplementary International Searching Authority (SISA)
  • International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA) (PCT2)

Note: Documents relating to the PCT Chapter II procedure are only publicly accessible once the IPER (IPRP Chapter II) is established.

Article 30 PCT
OJ EPO 2003, 382
OJ EPO 2018, A14

Viewing and handling dossier documents

To view a document, click its title in the list. The document opens in a PDF viewer in a separate window. In the PDF viewer, documents can be downloaded, printed and browsed page by page using the pagination bar.

The list of documents can be sorted by date in descending (default) or ascending order by clicking Date in the column header. To reverse the sort order, click Date again or click the up/down arrow next to it.

In the drop-down menu below the toolbar, you can filter the documents according to their procedural phase. Any of the following procedural options may be available to choose from: All documents, Search / examination, Received by EPO, Sent by EPO, Internal, Opposition, Appeal, Limitation, PCT Chapter II procedure.

Monitoring with RSS or email alerts

You can keep track of activities in the dossiers listed on the All documents page by subscribing to an RSS feed or creating an email alert. To do so, click the relevant link in the header in All documents view and follow the instructions provided

Downloading documents

To download a document, select the check boxes next to it and then click Selected documents in the toolbar. To select all documents, select the check box next to Date in the column header. Then follow the instructions provided by your browser to open, save or cancel the action.

To download all documents, click Zip Archive in the toolbar. A Zip file containing all documents as PDFs is then downloaded to your download drive.