Event history

The Event history page displays all the changes undergone by a patent application. The content area shows a chronological list of all changes to the bibliographical, legal status and procedural data of this application.

The Date column shows the event date, i.e. the date on which the action was processed by the EPO, which is not necessarily the effective date. Refer to the information under Legal status or All documents for the effective date. The Description column gives a brief explanation of the event.

The last column indicates the date of publication of the relevant document in the European Patent Bulletin followed, in square brackets, by the issue number of the EP Bulletin in which the information was published. This number often links directly to the relevant EP Bulletin. In many cases the publication date in the EP Bulletin is also the effective date.

Changing the sort order
You can sort the event history content by date in descending (default) or ascending order by clicking Date or the up/down arrow next to it.

Printing the list
You can print the information in the content area by clicking the print icon on the far right of the toolbar. The list will be printed as displayed.

Downloading the list
If you want to process data from a patent file, e.g. save it to your own database, the European Patent Register allows you to download the available bibliographic data as an XML file compliant to the WIPO standard ST.36 ("Processing of patent information using XML"). To download data, click the ST36 button in the toolbar.

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