The Federated European Patent Register (Federated Register)

The Federated Register view displays official bibliographic and legal status data relating to European patent documents in the national post-grant phase as made available to the EPO by the national offices of the designated states concerned.

Information on the content provided by each national patent office currently integrated into the FRS can be found via the links here.

Only data from the designated contracting states which provide this service are shown.

The data provided includes:

  • the country code

  • the status of the patent document

  • the application number

  • the number under which it is published

  • the proprietor

  • the invalidation date

  • whether or not the patent is currently in force

  • when renewal fees were last paid

  • when the national register was last updated

Where available, there is also direct hyperlink access to the relevant national patent registers so users can find out more about the document in the national phase. Again, links will be available only to the registers of those designated states which support the Federated Register.

Please note that the responsibility for the accuracy or quality of the data displayed is entirely with the respective national patent office, including but not limited to the completeness and fitness of the information for specific purposes.

For complete and authoritative information, please refer to the respective national patent register, e.g. by clicking the relevant country code.

Status descriptions

A list of the various legal and bibliographic status descriptions can be found here.

Invalidation date

The invalidation date is the date when the decision on the invalidation was taken.

It can be the date of one of the following events:

  • patent withdrawn

  • patent revoked

  • patent lapsed

  • patent expired

The date shown in the Federated Register is the most recent date provided by the national office concerned.

Not in force since date

The not in force since date is the date on which the rights conferred by the patent are no longer considered to be in force in the country concerned.

The not in force since date may or may not be the same as the invalidation date , depending on the case in question and the national patent granting procedure concerned.