Grouping and title

Choose how your e-mails are grouped

Select the grouping you require:

  • Group all notifications into one e-mail. Choose this option if you want to receive all your notifications together in one e-mail.

  • Group notifications for the same file into one e-mail. Choose this option if you want to receive separate e-mails for individual files.

Choose the format of the e-mail subject line

Select the type of title template you require:

  • Use a predefined template. In this default setting, all e-mail alerts you receive will have a standard text in the subject line.

  • Use my own customised template. In this option you can change the standard text and use your own customised template.

Subject line customisation

The template consists of free-form text and substitution values that are replaced during execution. A substitution value is text inside square brackets, e.g. [applicant].

Examples of available substitution values are: applicant, appNumber, clientName, currentDate, ipcClasses, eventDate, number, reference.

To add substitution values, simply click the text elements in the window on the right. You can always edit the entry field manually to add any text you want, including substitution values.

The substitution values available depend on the grouping option chosen. Values that refer to file-related information are not available if you have chosen the Group all notifications into one e-mail option. If you choose to have all notifications sent in a single e-mail, then values that are file-specific - e.g. [appliNumber] - will have no meaning and will not be recognised.

The subject line resulting from your template is shown beneath the entry field, using sample substitution values.