In the INPADOC data section of the Legal status view you can find the legal status of a patent application during the patent-granting procedure as well as the status of the granted European patent once it becomes the responsibility of the national patent offices. This data is delivered to the EPO by the national offices and is stored in the INPADOC database. It includes, for example, information about validity, expiry, change of ownership, and so on.

A list of worldwide legal status codes, content and coverage can be found in the Coverage, codes and statistics section on the EPO’s website. As the EPO relies on the correctness of the data supplied by the co-operating patent offices and the extent to which that data is up to date, you should always check this information for any gaps or delays in the delivery of legal status information. To be absolutely sure, we recommend that you contact the relevant patent office or authority direct.

The INPADOC database

The INPADOC database contains bibliographical data from patent documents (patent applications and granted patents) and the legal status of these documents.