International Patent Classification (IPC)

The technical content of patent documents is classified using the International Patent Classification system.

The publishing office assigns an IPC symbol valid at the time of publication of the application.

The text of the IPC can be found on the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO ).

IPC classification symbols are made up of a letter denoting the IPC section (e.g. A), followed by a number (two digits) denoting the IPC class (e.g. A63), then a letter denoting the IPC subclass (e.g. A63B). A number (variable, 1-3 digits) denotes the IPC main group (e.g. A63B49). This is followed by a forward slash "/" and a number (variable, 1-3 digits) denoting the IPC subgroup (e.g. A63B49/02).

You should not use wildcards as the data is "auto-truncated", meaning that each symbol is indexed at different levels. It is sufficient to enter, for example, either B65 (class level), B65D (subclass level), B65D81 (main group level) or B65D81/32 (subgroup level).

The IPC classification symbols displayed in the European Patent Register are those that appear on the printed publication.

In the "International Patent Classification (IPC)" field the default operator is AND.