Register Alert

Register Alert is an application in the European Patent Register that allows you to monitor changes to published EP and Euro-PCT applications. When you set up a Register Alert account you can opt to receive an email alert every time a change triggering a Register event occurs to one of your selected files.

Register Alert has secure access with HTTPS.

Create an account

Register Alert is free to use. You can create an account from the Register view via Register Alert login . Once logged in, you will see additional features in the Register's Search results view which will enable you to add and delete files from your list of applications. There is also a new Monitored applications tab in which you can view and organise your list of monitored applications.

From the Monitored applications view you can access the settings of your account via the Preferences link. Here you can customise the settings of your monitored applications and e-mail notifications, i.e. by adding additional e-mail addresses to the account or determining which events trigger a notification.

A single account can monitor up to 1 000 files and you can assign more than one e-mail to an account so that colleagues and/or associates also receive e-mail notifications from this account.

If you need to monitor more than 1000 files with the same e-mail address, you can set up a new account with a different user name.

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