A representative is a person who acts on the behalf of the applicant in proceedings before the EPO. Representation is required for applicants who do not have their residence or principal place of business in one of the EPC contracting states.

Representation before the EPO may be undertaken by professional representatives who are on a list maintained by the EPO, or by legal practitioners entitled to act before the EPO. You can find a Directory of patent attorneys on the EPO website.

The representative format for a person consists of the surname followed by the first name. It should be entered within quotation marks.

You cannot use apostrophes ('), hyphens (-) or slashes (/). Use blank spaces instead. Diacritical characters (umlauts and accents) are not allowed, so please enter your search terms without them.

For example, we recommend that you search for Julich or Juelich in order to retrieve all spellings (Jülich/Juelich/Julich).

The European Patent Register shows the name of the current representative. You can view former representatives by clicking on the "Show history" button on the "About this file" screen.

Information which is no longer current is shown in grey italics.