RSS feeds

RSS feeds regularly check activities within a URL that you have subscribed to in your internet browser.

Once you have subscribed to an RSS feed, any download, update or change within the URL will trigger an alert.

In the European Patent Register you can use RSS feeds to monitor activities in the following views:

     •   Search results
     •   Patent family (for EP and CN dossiers only)
     •   All documents
     •   Global dossier (for EP and CNIPA file inspection only)
     •   Maintenance news
     •   Newsflashes

To use the RSS feed in the Register click the familiar RSS feed icon that is generally positioned at the top of the page or section you are viewing. Your browser then easily guides you through the necessary steps to subscribe to the feed. You can also find additional Help on RSS feeds on the EPO website.

Note: The RSS feed in the Patent family view does not monitor changes to the list of documents in that view; instead it monitors changes to the dossiers of those patent family members that support the RSS feed service (only EP and CN dossiers).

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