The title is a short text - normally just one sentence - describing the contents of the application.

It will be displayed in the language of the interface you are currently using. The three official languages of the EPO are English, French and German.

Within the title field, you can search in English, French or German for anything between one and ten words.

If you enter more than one word (e.g. frame bicycle), only those documents will be retrieved in which all the words appear at some point in the title.

You can also search for a phrase using quotation marks (e.g. "bicycle frame"). This will retrieve only those documents in which the exact phrase is present in the title.

You can enter your search terms separated by a space without having to type in the AND operator, as this is the default operator in this search field.

To extend your search, you can also use truncation symbols (wildcards) to include, for example, the plural form of a word, or alternative spellings.

There are three different wildcard characters available:

• * stands for a string of characters of any length

• ? stands for zero or one character

• # stands for exactly one character

For example, to find European patents or patent applications having the word car or cars in the title, type car? in the title field.

You cannot use apostrophes (') or hyphens (-). Use blank spaces instead. Diacritical characters (umlauts and accents) are not allowed. Please enter your keywords without them.


Enter element to retrieve results having element as well as élément as keyword in the title.