WO (PCT) application numbers

In the European Patent Register PCT application numbers consist of the country code WO followed by the year of filing (four digits), the country code of the country where the application was filed (two characters) and a five-digit serial number adding up to a fixed length of 13 characters.


  • WO2007IB51010

  • WO2005DE00977

  • WO2001US20091

To find, for example, PCT application PCT/IB2007/51010 in the Advanced search mask you have to type in WO2007IB51010. If you are searching for application number PCT/MX2007/000062, you should enter WO2007MX00062 (i.e. remove the leading zero).

In the Smart search mask, place the field identifier "ap" before the number.

Example: ap = WO2007IB51010

It is not possible to truncate the application number.