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Turkey joins the Federated European Patent Register

Click here for more information on the Federated European Patent Register.


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Quick help answers

Is it possible to download documents?

You can select a document for download by ticking the checkbox next to its title. Click on "Selected Documents" to save it as a PDF file to your preferred location. If you wish to select all the documents from the list, tick the box next to "Date" and then click on "Selected documents". These documents will be saved as one single PDF file.

Is it possible to print a list of all the documents?

Yes. All you have to do is click on the printer icon in the toolbar.

Can I sort the list of documents?

You can sort the list of documents by ascending or descending date.

Is it possible to open one of the documents?

Click on the document title to open it in PDF format. This will display the first page only. If you wish to view all the pages, click on 'Load all pages'.

Can I open multiple documents in separate windows?

Yes, simply click on each document you wish to view and they will be opened in a separate window.

Is it possible to print a document?

Once you have selected a document, it is opened in a new window and only the first page is displayed. Click on the printer icon in the PDF toolbar to print this page. If you wish to print the whole document, click "Load all pages" first, then click on the printer icon.