Quick help answers

What is the Federated Register?

The Federated Register is a new section built into the EP Register that provides data on the legal status of an EP patent document in the national phase. A single click takes you to a clear overview of the registers of all the designated contracting states.

Who is it for?

The Federated Register is for anyone who has a professional interest in knowing the legal status of one or more EP patents in the national phase, such as patent attorneys, IP consultants or industry representatives.

What type of information will be displayed?

For each designated contracting state offering this service you will be able to view: the status of the patent document, the number under which it is published, the proprietor, whether or not a patent is currently in force, when renewal fees were last paid, and when the national register was last updated.

Which countries provide data to the Federated Register service?

Designated contracting states and extension states provide data to the Federated Register service as long as the national patent offices involved have a web service set up for sending the data. You can find more details in the Federated Register help file, including links to information about deep link data coverage and country coverage on the EPO website.

What statuses are available in the Federated Register?

A list of the various legal and bibliographic statuses and their meaning can be found here.

How can I get direct access to national office registers?

When a country code has an arrow and is underlined, you can click on it to go directly to that country's register. Please note that links may not be available for each country.

What data is provided by the national patent offices in the Federated Register?

Information on the content provided by each national patent office currently integrated into the FRS can be found via the links here.

What does "invalidation date" mean?

Based on the data provided by a national register, the 'invalidation date' displayed could be one of the following dates, in this order: 1. patent withdrawn, 2. patent revoked, 3. patent lapsed or 4. patent expired.

What does "not in force since" mean?

This date means: as of which the rights conferred by the patent are not in force.

What does "record last updated" mean?

This is the date when the record was last updated or, if not available, date when the national register was last updated. Content provided by the national patent office available via via the links here.

Why is there a difference between the "invalidation date" and the "not in force since" date?

The "invalidation date" reflects the date when the decision on the invalidation was taken, the "not in force since" provides the date when according to the specific national procedures the patent is considered no longer in force. Both dates could be the same or different depending on concrete cases and the national patent granting procedure. The "not in force since" date could also be retroactive to the "invalidation date", the date on which the legal obligation was not filled, e.g. renewal fees were not paid, invalidation occurs after expiry of time limits, but patent only in force until end of period for which the fees were paid.

What are validation states?

Validation states are countries that are non-member states which have validation agreements with the EPO, allowing applicants to request the validation of a European patent to these countries.

What are extension states?

Extension states are countries that are non-- member states which have extension agreements with the EPO, allowing applicants to request the extension of a European patent or patent application to these countries.