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Turkey joins the Federated European Patent Register

Click here for more information on the Federated European Patent Register.


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Quick help answers

How do I enter a query?

In SmartSearch you can enter your query with or without field identifiers. You can enter up to 20 search terms (a maximum of 10 terms per searchable bibliographic data) separated by a space or the appropriate operator.

What are field identifiers?

Field identifiers are predefined codes which have to be entered before the keywords.

Can I use truncation or wildcards?

Yes, you can use wildcards to expand your search to include, for example, the plural forms of a word. There are three wildcard characters available: *, ? and #.

What are the valid date formats?

A publication date can be entered in one of the following formats: yyyymmdd, yyyy-mm-dd, dd/mm/yyyy or

What are the admissible entries for a date range search?

A date range for a publication date can be entered in one of the following formats: pd="2005 2007", pd="2005, 2007", pd="2005,2007" or pd="2005:2007"