Information about lapses can be found in three different sections depending on their status and the source of the information:

  • About this file/Lapses during opposition

  • Legal status/Designated contracting states

  • Legal status/INPADOC data

In the sections "About this file/Lapses during opposition" and "Legal status/Designated contracting states", the display of lapse information is restricted by Rule 143.1(p) EPC. This means that the EPO is still responsible for the European patent application and the events which occur in the European Patent Register and will remain so until the end of the opposition period (nine months following the date of grant) or, if the patent enters opposition proceedings, until a final decision on opposition has been made. These sections do not include information about lapses in extension or validation states.

The section Legal status/INPADOC data displays all lapses, including those in the member states in the post-grant phase, regardless of whether the opposition period has ended or not. Lapses in the post-grant phase are administered by the member states, who then forward the information to the EPO. This section also includes information on events during the lifetime of an EP patent generated during both the EP patent granting procedure and the post-grant phase, as well as lapses in extension or validation states, where provided by the corresponding offices.

The EPO does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of legal status data relating to the post-grant phase, including but not limited to their completeness and fitness for specific purposes, nor can it guarantee that such data are up to date. For authoritative information, please refer to the relevant national patent authority. You can do this by accessing the corresponding national register, for example via deep linking or the Federated Register.