Legal status

The Legal status view shows the most important legal events relating to patent applications during the European patent-granting procedure, plus any information available to us on the status of a European patent once it becomes the responsibility of the designated states following grant. You can also find legal status information on patent applications in the Status section of the About this file view.

Legal status events

The following legal status events may appear in the Status section of the About this file view:

     •   International application published
     •   Application published
     •   Examination requested
     •   Grant of patent intended
     •   Application refused
     •   Application deemed to be withdrawn
     •   Patent granted (this does not exclude the possibility of an ongoing opposition or appeal procedure)
     •   Opposition procedure running
     •   No opposition filed within time limit
     •   Opposition procedure closed
     •   Opposition rejected
     •   Patent revoked/limited
     •   Patent maintained in amended form

The European Patent Register relies on the correctness of the data supplied by the co-operating patent offices and the extent to which that data is up to date (delays in the delivery of bibliographic or legal status data can vary significantly depending on the country and the time period concerned). To be absolutely sure about the actual status of a particular patent, we recommend that you contact the relevant patent office or authority direct.

Sources of legal status information in the European Patent Register

There are three main sources of legal status information in the European Patent Register. They are:

1.   About this file, Legal status, Event history and All documents

These pages provide all publicly accessible information on European patents and published patent applications in the various stages of the European grant procedure. All bibliographic, legal and procedural information, as well as all public documents in the electronic file of the application/patent during EP proceedings can be found here.

Information on European patents that have lapsed during opposition proceedings can be found under Lapses during opposition on the About this file page and under Designated contracting states on the Legal status page. Information on European patents that have lapsed during the post-grant phase (regardless of whether the opposition period has ended or not) can be found under INPADOC data on the Legal status page.

2.   INPADOC data

This section contains information on all legal events during the lifetime of a European patent application provided by the EPO for the European patent grant procedure and by the national patent offices of the designated member states during the post-grant phase. It also features information on lapses in extension or validation states, where provided by the corresponding offices. Post-grant data is displayed as delivered to the EPO by the national patent offices. Please refer to the EPO disclaimer.

3.   Federated register

This page is enabled for granted patents only and gives an overview of post‑grant legal status information provided by the relevant patent offices of the designated member states, as well as by extension and validation states. The data is delivered on the fly and via web services by the contributing national offices to provide a snapshot of the current legal status of the granted European patents.

The Federated Register service offers deep links to national patent registers, enabling you to consult the legal status data of a European patent once it has entered the national phase.