Quick help answers

What happens if I click the ST36 button?

Clicking the ST36 button downloads the information on screen in WIPO ST.36 format.

What does "legal status" mean?

The legal status of a patent or patent application refers to the entries and procedural steps occurring during the patent grant procedure and the subsequent life of a patent. These are normally published in the patent gazette of the patent-granting country or organisation concerned.

What is meant by "entry into the European phase"?

The term "entry into the European phase" is not an act in itself but may be described as a series of steps to be taken or as a bundle of requirements to be fulfilled within 31 months from the international filing date or, where applicable, the earliest priority date claimed for the international application. Which steps must be taken within the 31-month time limit depends to a certain extent on the individual case. See the Guide for applicants, Part 2, Section E, chapter II.

What are validation states?

Validation states are countries that are non-member states which have validation agreements with the EPO, allowing applicants to request the validation of a European patent to these countries.

What are extension states?

Extension states are countries that are non-- member states which have extension agreements with the EPO, allowing applicants to request the extension of a European patent or patent application to these countries.